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It’s important to try to stay healthy. Certainly, the best way to do that is diet. I’m not necessarily talking about restricting the amount you eat, although it’s far too easy to sit in front of the TV snacking for hours on end. When we think about diet, we should be considering the nutritional content of what we eat, where it came from, what might be in it that isn’t good for us. Energy content is important, although perhaps not to the extent that we’re constantly told it is: of course, it benefits those in charge if nobody’s got the energy to do much more than work and go home; just a thought!

It would be easy to say that you should grow all your own produce, that way you know where it came from, and you know whether or not you used anything in the growing process that might cause you ill-health in later years. Of course, in reality, that’s impractical for the vast majority of people: it’s not just a matter of having a backyard, there’s also the questions of time management, and not having the physical energy required to spend much time outside of work doing gardening. Some people will tell you that gardening’s therapeutic; as someone who suffers from arthritis throughout most of my spine, I can assure you that it’s not! I’ll write more about gardening for the decrepit in a future post.

Ask anyone over the age of 60, they’ll tell you, food just doesn’t have the nutritional value or the flavour it did when they were kids. For what ever reason, this does seem to be true across the world. It’s modern farming practices, egged on by global supermarkets who want a homogenised product that fits their packaging, and looks attractive in there utopian outlets. That being the case, and the fact that most people are, in a way, enslaved to where they can, obtain food, supplements have an extremely important role to play in our wellbeing.

However, we should be mindful of what’s going on here. Don’t buy you supplements from the same person who refuses to sell you wholesome food in the first place; you’ll only encourage them to continue the practice further. It’s called problem, reaction, solution! Use an independent supplier, someone who isn’t linked to the food industry.

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