Brexit, the bear and the eagle.

Theresa (two-faces) May has supposedly caved in to the so-called hardline Brexiters over amendments to the customs bill, rather than allow Jacob Rees-Mogg and co to make a lot of unnecessary noise in parliament, and undoubtedly call out the old hag for colluding with Merkel behind the scenes. Merkel being the fat German hypocrite of a chancellor who doesn’t like paying NATO for protection from the country Germany now buys most of its energy from since shutting down its coal and nuclear power plants. Yes, the Russians did it!

As Two-Faces-Theresa tried to sell her Chequers deal on Brexit to the public and her own backbenchers, like the dodgiest second hand car seller you’ve ever met, the European Research Group Of Pro-Brexit MPs tabled four amendments to the legislation.

The ERG believes May’s “facilitated customs arrangement”, which would see the UK collect EU tariffs on some imports, and plans for a “common rulebook” for goods and agriculture, would allow for too close a future relationship with the EU27.

Tory remain rebels reacted furiously and cried for a second referendum, and probably another and another until it goes their way!

Meanwhile in Finland, the man who takes the blame for everything, Vladimir (the bear) Putin, and the man who never quite got around to draining the swamp or building a wall,

Donald (not the duck) Trump, met for what can only be described as a rhetorical chinwag! It was largely a discussion about what they’d like to discuss in the future. Of course, mainstream media did their best to get Trump to implement Putin in the downfall of their beloved Hillary (light-fingers) Clinton, but getting nowhere, hoped to cajole Putin into a diplomatic scrap about spies instead.

Rest assured, if something important happens, I’ll let you know. For now though, let’s just help government fade into insignificance, by trivialising it!