The nightmare of ’53

Today, I came across this Time Team video from about 15 years ago. I knew a little about the East coast flooding back in 1953, but this really brought it home just how bad it was. As a volunteer flood warden, and emergency responder, I hope I never have to deal with something as catastrophic as this. This 48 minute film really makes you feel glad that you weren’t there, while at the same time, if like me, you’re late 40s or younger, it leaves you wondering why this was never mentioned in 20th century history class at school.

There’s really not much else I want to write about this film. It made me cry, it made me proud to be a human being, it left me in awe of the spirit that lives in all of us. Most of all, it left me sad that only in hardship do we show these qualities. Maybe life’s too easy now.

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