Good Ol’ Fashioned Prepping

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The Lost Ways

A couple of years ago, I came across this incredible collection of prepping techniques. I’ve always had an interest in prepping and survival, so finding these old tried and tested ways in a modern, easy to read format was just fantastic. Much of the old ways are completely lost: I’m sure most people nowadays wouldn’t last a week without electricity, but this compendium documents how you can do just that.

Click Here! To find out more about The Lost Ways and a collection of other ebooks thrown in to the package for free. And of course, as the whole collection are digital products, there’s no shipping costs.

So much of what we do in this day and age is overcomplicated. The rise of the digital age was sold to us many years ago as a bright future, full of labour saving devices, leaving us free to pursue leisure, intellect and and freedom. We were conned. Most of us presently have less leisure time, rarely think beyond finding out what Google wants us to think, and freedom is being traded in exchange for protection by the government. In fact, it must only be the government that is enjoying a better work life balance: that must be so; just compare how many people work in government today in comparison to just 50 years ago!

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